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We Are One  follows the longing of my heart and the knowledge of my mind about the interconnected web of all life on earth. The deeper we come into contact with this knowledge not only abstractly, but with visceral experiencing, the more urgent need to be the actions we take to protect that Oneness.

When I returned in the fall to my studio I suddenly felt like something new had shifted. I started to depict young women again with transparent clothing, but they were clearly contemporary, sporting tattoos, purses and their hands had become animals. “Her Hands are Wild and dangerous” was the first painting for this show.

Something about this work feels like in these last 2 years I have come full circle -no pun intended- I have have incorporated many of the new abstract markings of early 2017, the bodies are clothed and back in lots of detail, their wardrobe contemporary with a ‘hip’ nod to the 60s and 70s, the time in which I grew up. These young women and children look at the viewer with confidence and possibly daring. You will not mess with them. They are both ‘woke’ and mysterious.

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