Abandon (24_ diam
AHH 2  (24x18”)
Beauty & Terror (30x24_)
Ahh (16x12”)
Beauty (30x24_)
BLM (29x23”)
BLM (Detail)
Corvid Box  (for The Gatherings Project)
Beauty + Terror (29x23”)
Corvid Box -- Gatherings Project
Deep Wide Open  (26x20”)
Deep Trust (30x24_)
Dragon Slayer (29x23”)
Fear_Less (24x18_)
Falcon (29x23”)
Held (36x36_)
Falling (29x23”)
Hunger (30x30_)
Flower Shirt (16x12”)
In Me (24_ diam
Flowers Pattern
Flowers Pattern (Detail)
Marigold (48x48_)
Flowers Tattoo (29x23”)
Miniatures (36x36_)
Found (24x22”)
Moment (48x48_)
Glitter (23x21”)
Snake Bite (48x48_)
Green Eyes (9x12”)
Healing (29x23”)
Soft Hard (18_ diam
In My Power (29x23”)
In My Power (Detail)
Spring (60x60_)
Kairos (29x23”)
Terror& Beauty  Mural [during the Covid
Life (29x23”)
Truth Grows (24x24_)
Love (29x23”)
Stay (18_ diam
Mod Flower Shirt (18x24_)
One Wild and Precious Life (29x23_)
Pointy Collar (16x12”)
Right Arm Swan (23x24”)
Sweater Vest (16x12”)
Sweetly Wild (24x18”)
Vixen (29x23”)
Turn Life (18x24_ on clay panel)
by Anne Siems

self-published art book, 

available exclusively at  blurb

30 pages of select pieces from

2011-2012,  faithfully   reproduced.

12  x 12  to  16 x 20, unframed

archival prints of  original paintings
printed on 100% cotton rag paper

signed and numbered, limited editions

at Sebastion Foster


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Copyright Anne Siems, 2004-2010


Snake Bite (48x48_)