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"Inner Wild"

Patricia Rovzar Gallery
1111 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
Feb 3 to Feb 24, 2022

I’ve been occupying myself with the idea of Rewilding since about 2010 when I got interested in Shamanism.

What followed was an ever-growing interest in ancestral skills (foraging, crafts such as basketry, etc.), health optimization by studying how we as humans thrive (exposure to the elements, diverse movement, cold plunging, etc.) and learning about mutual aid, colonialism, and equity.

The idea of how I can free myself from old concepts of comfort was further spurred by my back injury in late 2020, which primarily was caused by an accumulation of stress and created neuropathic pain. I had no choice but to cut my workload in half, make room for a gentler lifestyle and discover how my nervous system as well as my body feel happier.

One shift that was already under way, but has since become more focused is the work on my watercolors. There is an immediacy to the technique that requires utmost attention yet also carries the immediacy and tenderness of the moment with it that feels physically and emotionally very good to me.
I have shifted to an interest in painting whole body tattoos in some of them as well as bringing in the element of a magical depiction of animal spirit.
The baldness relates to a sense of deep vulnerability I experienced during the injury, where I was incredibly helpless, but also the vulnerability we all have felt in the now two years of the pandemic.

I want to show a vulnerability that also faces the viewer with strength and courage, not victimhood.

The “nakedness” is in full view. We are all hungry for deep authenticity in sharing ourselves with all our flaws, insecurities and fears, but also in our resilience in these times.
I choose to find my own wild path, less groomed and certainly not paved.

Anne Siems

January 2022

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