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Russo Lee Gallery

805 NW 21st Ave

Portland, OR 97209


Jul 3    to Jul 26, 2024

Inner Child connects me back to a series of works that I executed mostly from 2007 to 2016 in which children are the main characters of the paintings.

For this body of work I have been focusing on the Inner family members—the inner child and inner teen. What is the inner child telling me? What are they sensing? What wisdom do they possess? How can I care for and nurture them?

Their favorite environment is nature—the all healing place, the inner sacred garden. A place which as an adult I find deep healing and comforting. In this series the forest near my family’s summer home outside of Berlin is the predominant landscape.

Elements of dreams, of fairy tales and of my own childhood play a significant role. For example I have loved and still do love roller skating—but none of this was planned. I just felt what needed to be seen in the painting.

As with all my work, it comes from a visceral place. I like to leave lots of space for the viewer's individual experience.

All works Acrylic on Panel 2024

Anne Siems

June 2024

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