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Wally Workman Gallery
1202 West Sixth Street
Austin, TX 78703
July 9 to July 31, 2022

The newest series titled Inked depicts stories that are tattooed on women's bodies. They are fables, they are mythical signs, they are excerpts from poetry, they are rites of passage. These tattoos are unapologetic and brave, political, even if not in a direct way. They are markers of the world we live in and this time that on so many levels feels right on the edge in many ways, both personal and general.


They speak of shadow work, of exploring the dark sides of our psyche, but also of strength and hope.


The women in the paintings take a stance that is forward, unabashed, direct and thoughtful. In the last year I have become more focused on my watercolors, making much larger images. There is an immediacy to the technique that requires utmost attention yet also carries the tenderness of the moment with it that feels physically and emotionally very good to me. The baldness relates to a sense of deep vulnerability I experienced during my injury, where I was incredibly helpless. It also represents the vulnerability we all have felt in the more than two years of the pandemic.


I want to show a vulnerability that also faces the viewer with strength and courage, not victimhood.


The “nakedness” is in full view. We are all hungry for deep authenticity in sharing ourselves with all our flaws, insecurities and fears, hungry for human touch and closeness. And we also desire our resilience in these times.

Anne Siems

July 2022

Frühlingserwachen (Spring Awakening) (48x36”) 2022 acrylic on panel.jpg
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