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Patricia Rovzar Gallery
1111 1st Ave
Seattle,WA 98101
Feb 2020

Celebrated for her explorations of the human spirit through beautifully rendered figures with abstract layered backgrounds, Anne Siems paints with an eloquence and mastery that is a testament to her range as an artist.


Known for more ethereal and utopian images, Siems’ latest paintings take on a distinctly more forward, unabashed, and powerful posture. Referencing the lace and applique in her past figurative work, the women Siems’ currently paints explore tattoos as a signal of inner wildness, pronouncing their stories, fables, mythical belonging, and rites of passage. Her figures are smart and creative, and they have something to say. They speak of freedom of expression and of the deep connection women have to the universe. They are also political beings with slogans and phrases that are markers of the time we live in. A dedicated activist in her personal life, Siems uses her platform as an artist to highlight the state of the world, how she senses it, understands it, and ultimately, how she creates beauty from it.


Siems was born in Berlin, spent formative years in Buenos Aires, and later attended the University of the South in Tennessee. After completing her MFA at the Hochschule der Kunste in Berlin, Siems settled in Seattle, where she currently lives and works. Anne Siems work has been shown in a myriad of solo exhibitions and her work can be found in collections spanning the globe.

Beast+Lover (48x48”).jpeg
Beast+Lover (48x48”)
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