“When I look at the body of work dedicated to a show, I stand and wonder from where this work has emerged. I look back at the year that preceded it and see all my experiences sublimated into paintings and drawings.

I see the travels I have made, hikes I have walked, books I have read, images I have viewed, dreams I have recorded, clouds I have observed, ceremonies I have witnessed and workshops I have taken.

I am often a bit surprised when a theme I have worked on for a year or more dissipates or even ends abruptly. The Trees were a big topic for me in 2013 & 2014. Then a painting emerged in which the landscape had given way for a mist or cloudscape, pushing the figure forward in a new way. Rocks, crystals and minerals, keepers of time, witnesses to history accompany my people.

What keeps me interested is the joy I feel when exploring ideas, new and old, in my studio. What will come next? I do not know..