Thank you for your interest in a mentorship.


I have been teaching art in a variety of spaces for the past 25 years: at Seattle’s Pratt Institute; in Portland, OR at Oregon College of Art and Craft;  and a few other schools. Only recently have I decided to teach folks one-on-one. In this short time,  I have really enjoyed the intimacy and focus of these individual sessions. I charge $120   an hour and $60  for half an hour, payable through PayPal.

I work with you via phone or FaceTime,  unless you live in the Seattle area. I keep a file for you to take notes on your questions and exercises. In addition, I set up a Pinterest page for you with ideas. You can work with me as little or as often as you need. There is no other commitment required.

If you are interested in working with me, please send me a short paragraph about your hopes for our time together, as well as a link to your website (or start a Pinterest page) and I would love one photo of you.

In addition to the work about your art, we can also venture into doing some Shamanic work, which I call Hollow Bone--you get to have questions answered about a query you may have.

LMK if you have other questions!



"I can say that working with Anne has be wonderful and transformative!  She is an excellent teacher and extremely insightful! She knows what a student needs to work on and gives fantastic homework, which keeps you accountable.  You also get  an inspiration board on Pinterest tailored to your taste and needs. I was impressed that  each student had such a different set of suggestions. This tells me she is thinking deeply about each person and their style. She takes you and your work seriously and  gives  thoughtful, honest and helpful feedback. If you want the eyes of a top artist on your work and the help and feedback from a really wonderful and insightful person, sign up!!"

Zue Stevenson

"In such a short amount of time my studio has been transformed from the place I hid...happy, but lost...into a place of excitement and you have reignited a fire in me from deep down that I had somehow ignored for so long, so quickly is crazy. I am so thankful to you and so excited to see the journey continue."

Christine Sauerteig-Pilaar

"Thank you again for the conversation yesterday. I had a heart-melting time looking through the Pinterest board you made. There are some really beautiful images there. I feel like you understand the visual language I am heading for and that feels good.

"I spent all day yesterday on homework. I'm going through a big cleaning-out process and it's laborious, but there are three bags of trash outside, so I know it's working.

"Something that I am really struck by is this idea of 'permission to copy' as I tried to recreate one of the Pinterest images. This permission felt liberating (like jumping on a bed or riding a bike through a big empty house) and I think it was my biggest takeaway from yesterday."

Ruth L.

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