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Skillshares Workshop

Sept 20 to 23, 2018


Alchemy Arts Center on San Juan Island!


We will spend our days with shamanic journeying, forest bathing, ceremony, rewilding and lots of wonderful work for our hands from beading to making nature books, rawhide rattles and much more!

This retreat will focus on deepening your connection to your innate wisdom of the earth and what is good for your body, soul, and spirit.

Explore shamanic knowledge which resides in each one of us. Communicate with nature and let the slow rhythm of work done by hand in a circle of women connected by song, drums, sharing of stories and silence soothe your overloaded senses.

What was good for humankind when we first evolved is still best for us now. Slow down, turn off the electronics, move into the rhythm of the land.

 The cost includes your room and all workshop time. We will cook together a menu that supports gut health and connects you deeper to ancestral eating–whole foods, no refined sugar, plant based. All meals are also included in the cost.No prior experience necessary. Small group!

A non-refundable deposit of $30 is required. Max participants are 10 women (4 Spots are already taken.)

Total Cost: $500

This includes food, room and workshop time. Sleep arrangements either in communal space or your tent.

No prior experience with ANYTHING is required.

Starts Thursday evening (Sep 20) and ends Sunday afternoon (Sep 23)

Feel free to call me with any questions!  Anne :206 782 8194




“Anne’s vast generosity in sharing her wisdom in our sacred circle left me feeling held and healing. My favorite pieces were our saltwater submersion, a secluded beach dotted with luscious naked women walking to the water’s edge and beyond, and my two hour sit spot nap, deep in the midst woods under a protective ancient cedar tree. Spend time journeying with Anne if ever you have the chance. You’ll love it!”



“What I loved about Anne’s retreat was that she did not focus on just one aspect of her knowledge. Instead, she gave us a taste of many of her passions, including ceremony and shamanism, art making, good food, and so much more. There was something for everyone."



“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing retreat. It was so much more than what I imagined.  Since the retreat I have been eating so much more mindfully. Something I didn’t even think would be a benefit from the retreat.

"I also wanted to tell you how much the retreat has affected my work, I am pushing myself more and am so happy with the results. You are such a generous teacher and spirit, every moment was a treasure!  I feel lucky to have met you.”


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