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David Lusk Gallery Nashville
516 Hagan
Nashville, TN 37203

Oct 3 to Nov 11, 2023

I never had much interest in painting men.

My last show called Sons and Daughters, “forced” me to paint male bodies as that show was
portraying the sons (and daughters) of my friends.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed painting these angular, muscular bodies, their sharp  edges, protruding veins and hairiness.   It felt natural to continue with the subject of painting an entire show of men.

My approach has focused on the vulnerability that shines right through the toughness. While
men are still mostly portrayed in media as cool, independent and stoic, beneath it all is a
human. A human that has also been negatively affected by patriarchy. While that system
obviously benefits men, it is also known that men have a higher suicide rate than women.
They have learned early on, that to fit in they have to shut down their feelings, to go it alone,
never asking for help and being terribly isolated.The suffering is real.

I have had my own both very wonderful, but also very traumatizing experiences with men. So
the inner conflict I experience is possibly visible in these portraits.  I don’t overthink what I’m painting, I stay in a place where I execute what feels right in my gut. I  want these portraits to reach you in that same way. Allow them to reach you in a visceral place.

Anne Siems

October 2023

Exhibition Catalog

A portion of all proceeds will support Inclusion TN, a non-profit founded to connect people, opportunities, and resources to enrich and enhance the lives of the multi-faceted LGBTQIA+ community of Middle Tennessee.

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