Universes of Light (48x36)
Shine (40x40)
The Feminine (40x40)
Pulsatilla (30x24)
Chrysanthemum (20x20)
Pearls (24x18)
Come up where you are (30x30)
Garden of the Heart (14x11)
Life Force (48x48)
Dream (on clay board) (18x24)
Patience (watercolor on paper) (45x38)
Know the Dark (watercolor on paper) (40x45)
Be the Soul (40x30) [2020]
The Deepest (24x18) [2020]
Tulip (33x20) [2020}
Tender (12x12) [2020]
Moon (12x12) [2020]
Lilly (12x9) [2020]
Stripe Dress (12x8) [2020]
Moth (12x12) [2020]
Here (18x12) [2020]
Find Your Path (12x9) [2020]
Blue Rose (18x12) [2020]
Heart (24x18) [2020]
Be the Soul Drawing (24x18) [2020]
Embody Me (60x48) [2021]
Marigold (48x48) [2020]
Know Thyself (40x40) [2020]
Among Mysteries (30x30) [2021]
Abandon (18 diam) [2020]
by Anne Siems

self-published art book, 

available exclusively at  blurb

30 pages of select pieces from

2011-2012,  faithfully   reproduced.

12  x 12  to  16 x 20, unframed

archival prints of  original paintings
printed on 100% cotton rag paper

signed and numbered, limited editions

at Sebastion Foster